Stained Glass Horses and equine themed stained glass panels and windows. Projects include stained glass windows, hanging panels, cabinets door inserts, horse gifts.
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Interview with the artist :

Ques: Why did you choose to specialize in horse themed stained glass?

"For years I've struggled with portraying horses in different media. I was never satisfied with my ability (or lack thereof) of capturing the beauty of the horse. Initially, I began trying to simplify my sketches to capture the "impression" of the horse which resulted in abstract illustrations. Coincidentally, I was doing stained glass at the time, and recognized these horse sketches could translate to glass patterns that did not have the typical stilted "coloring book" look that is so often seen when searching for stained glass horse pieces."

Ques: What is the purpose of GlassWish?

"Well, practically speaking - I love stained glass and horses and have combined them into a business. But more importantly for me - it's more than just a practical decision. I strive to abstractly portray the beauty of the horse in glass by reducing the lines, muscles and impression of the horse to a few significant lines, accented by the glass texture and color. I have a few stained glass horse pieces in my home and every time I glance at them - I'm reminded of the precious gift God has given us in the form of the horse. I suppose my underlying enjoyment is in sharing this appreciation with other like-minded people. One of my favorite requests is when someone emails me and says 'I'd like to order a horse gift for my [wife, husband, daughter]' "


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Stained Glass Horses - Custom Designs

Stained glass makes an elegant addition to a home as well as a wonderful special horse gift. Add a horse motif and it becomes even more special for those horse-lovers in your life.

As you look through the website, consider ordering a premade equine stained glass piece, or call and discuss your ideas for a custom stained glass hanging panel, window insert or even kitchen cabinet door inserts.

Check-out this stained glass horse panel interior wall installation. <CLICK>

Arabian stained glass horse  
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For the Love of Horses by Kym Eitel

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Kym Eitel, award winning Bush Poet, for including photos of my glasswork in her new book, "For the Love of Horses".

It is an honor to be included among the works of other artists - especially Kym - who are so very talented. If you love horses, I suggest you get a copy of her book. It is truly a treasure for the horse-lover.

Find out more on FACEBOOK page.

Stained Glass Horse Patterns

All designs are original and copyrighted. If you'd like to order a pattern of a design you see on this site, please contact me for more information. Formats available are: PDF, JPG, Illustrator Vector Files, eps, and many other options. I can supply the file in whatever size you need either by download or on CD.


If you see a piece you like on this site, contact me. I usually have a few in stock. After we receive payment either by PayPAL, Credit card via PayPAL or personal check, we will build a fully insulated crate, insure the piece and send it you along with tracking information.

CUSTOM WORK: If you want custom colors or sizes, or a custom design, I'll be happy to talk with you about your ideas and give you a firm quote. Upon acceptance of the job, I will require a down payment for materials. You will get periodic updates showing the progress of your stained glass piece. [ I take digital pictures of each stage and post them to a webpage for your viewing.]

For additional details regarding ordering and commissioning an equine stained glass window or panel, click here.

Packing your equine stained glass panel

We want your glass piece to arrive safely! Depending upon the size, we pack in a variety of ways. We always use plenty of insulation and cover the insulation with a wood frame built specifically for the piece being packed. Here is an example of four LEADED GLASS panels being packed for shipment:

Insulating Horse PanelDouble insulation for Horse PanelAdding wood frame crate to stained glass horses


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