Custom colors: Paint horse in stained glass.



This piece was created using the copper foil method. I applied patina to darken it, giving it an antique finish.

Oak frame and chain added for hanging .


My wife loves it. We have it hanging on the large picture window and she comments on how nice it is every morning. Thanks for a well done job. The shipping crate was excellent also. Gary/NM



Stained Glass Paint and Buckskin Horses

The client's request was for a stained glass horse gift for his wife. He wanted me to include a black and white paint horse in a hanging panel, based roughly on a photograph of their beautiful horses. For the black areas, I chose a Spectrum Black On Clear Streaky Baroque, combined with clear on white opal. For the white part of the horse, I chose Bullseye Streakie Clear & White Opal - which combines transparent and opalescent glass. Although not a true match for the black in a paint horse, this glass lets light through and makes a more interesting window. I wanted to avoid the eye being drawn to a big "black spot" that wouldn't let light through. For the dun/buckskin colored horse - I used Kokomo Carmel Opalume And Brown Opal. The same high-quality glass used famously by Tiffany for its magnificent color.


Paint Horse in Stained Glass

Arabian Horse Art in Stained Glass Gifts
Glass cut, fitted and ready to foil:Hanging Stained glass horse panel
Glass foiled with copper foil and ready to solder:
Border of Arabian horse shown close up

Shown below are the first steps in creating the stained glass arabian above. I cut the glass for the horse, arabian costume halter and bordering clear pieces. Notice the glass selected for the horse. I've tried to follow the curves and shadows as much as the glass would let me. (For example, look at the horse's ears - I've chosen glass that is darker where the inside of the ear would be).


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