Stained Glass Techniques:
We use both Copper Foil (Tiffany) and Leaded glass techniques for our horse themed panels and equine windows. The following shows the basic COPPER FOIL method.



The leaded glass method works for indoor and outdoor installation.

The Copper Foil Method is for interior installations only.

A stained glass piece made by either method can fitted to an existing window frame and held in place by a piece of molding stained to match your woodwork, or held in place by clear clips similar to these:


COPPER FOIL METHOD: Another popular method used for STAINED GLASS PANELS is the COPPER FOIL METHOD. This is used solely on interior installation as it it not weatherproof. (Copper Foil Method is the method used for Tiffany Lamps).

  1. A pattern is designed (Illustration shown below)
  2. Glass is selected for color, purpose and texture
  3. The glass is cut by hand.
  4. Then if necessary, the edges are marked and ground to fit inside the pattern lines.
  5. Glass edges of each piece are wrapped in a sticky-backed copper foil
  6. Pieces are assembled together on the pattern (cartoon) like a puzzle
  7. Next, I will "tack" solder the piece on both sides, just to hold the pieces in place. The window is very unstable at this point! Next, I will flux and solder the entire length of the copper foil. (Instead of soldering just the joints as in leaded glass, the copper foil is completely covered with solder on both sides.)
  8. Next, the zinc frame is added. For stability, I use zinc even when the piece will be installed in a wooden frame. If it is a round or oval piece, I bend the zinc with a bender, add it to the panel and solder the zinc together. I also solder along a few of the already soldered lines - dragging a bead of solder to the zinc to help hold the piece.
  9. Hooks are added if needed.
  10. The panel is cleaned thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or flux remover.
  11. Patina is added to give the piece an antique look.
  12. The piece is cleaned again.
  13. Polished with a light furniture spray
  14. Packing in insulation
  15. The crating and final STRESS TEST!
Step 1: Pattern or "Cartoon" Step 2: Select Glass
Step 1: Stained Glass Pattern Select Glass
Step 3: Stained Glass Cutter Step 4: Inland Grinder
Stained Glass Cutter Glass grinder
Steps 5 & 6: Edges wrapped and assembled Steps 7 & 8: Tack, solder, frame
Copper Foil Stained Glass Copper Foil Soldered
Step 9: Hooks Added Steps 10-12 Ready to Patina
  Patina Copper Foil Glass
Step 13: Cleaned and polished Step 14: Packing in Insulation
Finished copper foil stained glass Packing glass in insulation
Step 15: Crating & Stress Test!  
Shipping stained glass  
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