Stained Glass Techniques:
We use both Copper Foil (Tiffany) and Leaded glass techniques for our horse themed panels and equine windows. The following outlines the LEADED GLASS method.



The leaded glass method works for indoor and outdoor installation.

The Copper Foil Method is for interior installations only.

A stained glass piece made by either method can fitted to an existing window frame and held in place by a piece of molding stained to match your woodwork, or held in place by clear clips similar to these:


GlassWish™ LEADED STAINED GLASS equine windows and panels are handcrafted using similar techniques as the early masters:

  1. A pattern is designed (Illustration shown below)
  2. Glass is selected for color, purpose and texture
  3. The glass is cut by hand.
  4. Then if necessary, the edges are marked and ground to fit inside the pattern lines.
  5. Starting in a corner, glass is placed on the pattern, and the lead “came” is cut to fit precisely around each piece of glass.
  6. The pieces of glass and lead are fitted together and held with farrier’s nails until the whole panel is assembled.
  7. The zinc border is cut, fitted and soldered for strength.
  8. The panel is then soldered on both sides at each lead intersection.
  9. Weatherproofing putty and “whiting powder” are scrubbed into both sides of the panel to push the cement into the grooves of the lead cames. (Whiting process shown in illustration below)
  10. The panel is rubbed with a soft brush to remove power and cement. A “fid” is used to clean out all intersecting corners. The panel is rubbed again - to give it a rich, dark polished look.
  11. Packing in insulation
  12. The crating and final STRESS TEST!
Step 1: Pattern or "Cartoon" Step 2: Select Glass
Step 1: Stained Glass Pattern Select Glass
Step 3: Stained Glass Cutter Step 4: Inland Grinder
Stained Glass Cutter Glass grinder
Step 5: Lead Cutter Step 6: Cut Lead and Fit Glass
Stained Glass Lead Cutter Leaded glass fitting
Step 9: Cementing & Whiting Step 10: Finished and polished
Cementing Weather-proofing and whiting stained glass window Finished leaded glass
Step 11: Packing Step 12: Crating & Stress Test!
Packing glass in insulation Shipping stained glass
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